Still in the Business

Jesus still does miracles, He does them every day

Though may not as presentable as Paul’s loosened chains;

Jesus still does miracles, now in the hearts of men

Where He takes a wretched soul, frees him from his sin.

Jesus still does miracles, don’t doubt this at all

The God of Wonders transforms heart and soul.

Jesus still does miracles, He is mighty to save

The One who died for your transgressions is no longer in the grave.

Jesus still does miracles, why just look at me and you!

Standing by the grace of God after all we’ve been through.

Jesus still does miracles, never this discount

The One who died to save you, won’t let you go without.

Jesus still does miracles – what is it that you need?

My Lord Jesus will provide: He is the richest king!

Jesus still does miracles – oh where is your belief?

Don’t hide from your feelings, bring Him the slightest grief.

Jesus still does miracles – of this I am quite sure

The God Who Sees, who has redeemed, will your life restore.

Jesus still does miracles – ours is to trust and obey,

To live life as He bids, to seek Him with the day.


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