Now and Forever

Blessed redeemer
Jesus my Lord
Oh the Great grace
Your love affords!

You are so faithful
So good and so kind
I could never thank You
Enough for my life.

Blessed Redeemer
Jesus my Lord
My heart is Yours
Forever more.

Your tender mercies
Greet me each day
And I cannot help but
Be ever amazed.

Blessed Redeemer
King of my soul
I live for Your glory
Your praise to uphold.

You are my Maker
You are my God
You will not leave me
O Faithful One.

Blessed Redeemer
King of my heart
I live for Your kingdom
Your life to impart.

Wherever I go Lord
Whatever I do
Will I not cease
To live only for You.

Blessed Redeemer
Who died for me
You saved my life
And now I am free.

I live for Your mercies
I live for Your love
Jesus I thank You
For Your precious blood.

Blessed Redeemer
O Friend of Mine
Now and forever
Am I alive!


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