Imminent Domain

The trumpet is sounding As Heaven looks down
Get on board And pleads with those
He only waits so long; Who trade life
  For the mire of sin.
The Master is calling  
Be forewarned: Why the day is dawning,
Our lives are but a song. The time is near
  The Comforter readies
The night has fallen To dry tears.
Death is coming  
Look:  darkness surrounds. Yes, the time is coming
  And now has come –
The end is beginning Oh, don’t live your lives
He says, “That’s a wrap.” In fear!
Oh, where will you be found?  
  The end is imminent
Yes, graves are opening It doesn’t delay
While souls stir Please hear the Savior’s call:
The battle is on  
For the hearts of men Rise from the dead
  You foolish perishing:
  Be saved once and for all.