December 29th, 2009

What a nice Christmas! I was overwhelmed a few weeks ago, not really looking forward to the holidays. Seems so easy for sadness to creep up on me during winter. Night can fall so quickly lately, that I want to wind down, curl in on myself as well.

Although I stopped with New Year’s resolutions long ago, I feel like setting some priorities, at least, will help me to focus and change a few areas of my life in need of a disciplining hand… Having received a devotional for Christmas, “Voices of the Faithful”, I will begin with it as a priority in January and write about here as led. This isn’t a book that I necessarily would have picked, but could it be one that I need?

Definitely will be reading “Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World”. Must reread chapter 6 before going back to work!


Heart Preparation

On the eve of Your birth

Did the world sigh

At the coming relief

Sure to bring peace to the hearts of men?

On the eve of Your birth

Did the angels dance

Shimmer with light in the heavens?

On the eve of Your birth

Did the world grow still

Anticipation catching its breath?

On the eve of Your birth

Salvation surely stirred

Evil surely smirked

At the impending recompense!

One the eve of Your birth

Years and years later

The world changes because of You

Work ceases, labor winds down

At last to celebrate Truth.

On the eve of Your birth

I wonder why God

Would save the world this way…

On the eve of Your birth

Please ready our hearts

To welcome You, Jesus,

Like, indeed, a little babe.

I Want a “Mary” Heart For Christmas

I want a Mary heart for Christmas

One that loves You, Jesus, enough

To sit at your feet more often

To wait on You, to grow through

The trials of faith, the tests of love,

The hardships I may be called to.

I want a Mary heart for Christmas

The kind that trades tradition

For knowing You, for following

Regardless of what others do.

I want a Mary heart for Christmas

To know that You’re right there

That I can run to You night or day

With the most frivolous care.

I want a Mary heart for Christmas

This heart is helpless alone.

It tries to save itself, to live and love,

To give, to serve –

Yet it’s unfulfilling, empty –

Simply strife on its own…

I want a Mary heart for Christmas

To feel Your presence near

To touch just Your robe, Jesus

And in the silence hear

“You’re okay, child. Just the way you are.

Though you try and run – I am never far.

You’re okay, dear one. I love you endlessly.

The world is coming to its home:

One day we’ll be together; faith is to wait and see.

You’re okay, child, relax. For you I’ve many plans;

they’re to trust me, to love me –

You’re safe within My hands!

You’re okay, sweet child. There’s nothing greater you could do

Than come unto me and sit awhile,

And find rest in the Truth.”


“Come to me, all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my burden is easy and my yoke is light.” Matthew 11:28-30


Did I think it would be easy, this thing called motherhood?

Did I think that work, chores, and family time would just go on like it should?

The romantic, the idealist – she wants the storybook

But the day-to-day is hard as launderer, maid, and cook!

Then there’s the letting go as each child pulls away

Eager to explore, get out -Not content to stay.

Yes, I thought a real career would be the most challenging;

But the position of mother is often exhausting!

Nothing calls you to be better, to try harder, to indeed pray

Than having little ones dependent on you day after day!

And nothing is more rewarding, more fulfilling

Than to watch and see exactly who the once little ones

Turn out to be…

The Question

Can I wrap you up, Jesus

Present you Christmas morn

To those who don’t know you

As Savior and Lord?

Can I wrap you up Jesus

Place you under the trees

In homes across the country

That are in need?

Can I wrap you up Jesus

For the naughty and the nice

To be awakened by 

The Living Sacrifice?

Can I wrap you up Jesus

Hold you in my hand

To extend generously

God’s redemptive plan?

Can I wrap you up Jesus

Once tucked and inside

A light to be spilled out

Opened, undenied?

Can I wrap you up Jesus

Ten thousand times over

Send you out in packages

To be discovered?

Can I wrap you up Jesus

Place on you a pretty bow

Leave you on the doorstep

Of the orphan, the widow?

Can I wrap you up Jesus,

O Gift of Eternity?

Can I give you away

As with other gifts

I am free?

Can I wrap you up Jesus,

The most priceless gift,

I’ve freely received,

Freely been giv’n?

This Christmas can I present you

With love and with ease

On the way, as I’m going,

To the place

You lead?…

Update Monday, Dec 7th

Still doing Having a Mary Heart study with coworkers; praying more will show at tomorrow’s meeting. Discussing Chp 6: Kitchen Service. Although I read this book a couple of years ago, I needed this. It is rich and sometimes it seems that yes, this is simple – but it’s stuff that I’ve neglected or not paid attention to, or given thought to.

Christmas shopping is underway for the Radakers. We are blessed beyond measure, without tangible gifts – we each have been saved, have received the present of Jesus as the Savior and Redeemer of our lives, our hearts, our souls, our beings! No greater gift could be offered – or received!