What are you?

Are you jaded in the ministry? Are you looking for more than
Does it mean much to you The restoration of souls of men?
When people are kingdom-affected Are you wanting something for yourself,
By the things you do? A “well-done” golden pin?


Are you over it already Are you tired of the race,
This salvation I bring, Want to get off the path?
My holiness, My secret imparting? Believe me, there is help
If you’ll but ask!
Are you wondering if there’s more,
If this is all there is? Are you counting on desperation
Have you lost touch To keep you at my feet?
With the hope I give? You must practice to remain
In the presence of Me.
Are you in denial of certain aspects of Me?
That I can calm and heal – Are you just plain worn out
Even in ministry? View yourself as ‘done’ –
Take heart, He’s coming
The Victory’s won!
What are you?