Pour Out Your Heart (To Jesus)

Pour out your heart to Jesus

Quit making excuses again;

The God of Heaven and Earth

Is here to be your friend.


Pour out your heart to Jesus

Quit trying to make it alone;

The Most High has the world at His feet

He sits on Heaven’s throne!


Pour out your heart to Jesus

Quit treating Him like man;

The Supreme Being of the universe

Will never follow your plans.


Pour out your heart to Jesus

Quit thinking you’ve got time;

The Sovereign Lord spins earth on its axis:

He can stop it on a dime.


Pour out your heart to Jesus

Why bear such burdens alone?

The King of King and Lord of Lords

Has made your heart His home!


Pour out your heart to Jesus

Quit leaving Him out of your day;

The One in Whom you live and move – have being –

Has provided the way.


Pour out your heart to Jesus

Quit lingering in your sin;

The One Who Sees freely forgives –

Can the victory win.


Pour out your heart to Jesus

Quit doubting His benefits;

The Lord of your soul redeems from destruction

His mercies are plenteous!


Pour out your heart to Jesus

Quit playing around so long;

The Gentle Caller woos for a while

Then will finally move on.


Pour out your heart to Jesus

Tell Him what holds you back;

The Great Intercessor will speak for you:

He provides what you lack.




Getting Serious

We’ve got to get serious But the Throne is coming
People are dying all around; Yes Judgment awaits.
We stick our heads in the sand It is looming ahead,
So we won’t hear the sounds. It is sealing our fate.
But Death is surely coming We’ve got to get serious
Can you hearing its pounding feet? People will perish soon;
It grows ever closer – We pretend it isn’t true
Who has it come to meet? So we can live like we want to.
We’ve got to get serious But A Time is coming
There is a war going on; And has come now.
We are too lost in this world The Ark is waiting and ready
So we don’t see the Throne. Oh grab an arm for the bow!

I’ll Take Wisdom, Alex, for $1, 000

What is True Wisdom?
Further thoughts on wisdom (Ecclesiastes 7 study in SS)

True wisdom begins with fearing God,
Comes only to a humble heart;
True wisdom comes to the teachable,
Who does as the Spirit imparts.

True wisdom is not of this world
Why it’s foolishness to the man
Who would rather perish than admit
He lives by a Sovereign hand.

True wisdom is knowing that
Some things aren’t cut and dry,
Some issues are unique:
They call for a careful eye.

True wisdom is pushing aside
All that hinders today
To seek and thank the Lord,
To petition and pray.

True wisdom is listening,
Being slow to speak;
True wisdom demands reflection
At the moment’s peak.

True wisdom is going forward
Rather than holding back,
Which is oft of the enemy’s ploy
His silent, subtle attack.

True wisdom is not relenting
But staying firm in will
That no matter what happens around
He is greater still.

True wisdom is not denying
Those feelings of pain and regret
But bringing them to the Savior
Who hears your heart’s lament.

True wisdom is starting and stopping
At the Savior’s command;
True wisdom neglects man’s ways
And sticks to God’s plan.

True wisdom is seeking peace
Not giving way to anger
Trusting God to make things right,
Leaving justice to the Savior.

True wisdom is guarding your heart
With what you take in:
Life in this age begs tame eyes and ears
Or surely yield to sin.

True wisdom is not contrary
To what the Bible says
But hones in on those teachings
And is always Spirit-led.

Thanks for listening,