Bright Promise

He who promised is faithful.
What has Thou promised me?
Wealth – riches,
Worldly prosperity?

No, not at all.
Much deeper. Much.

Life abundant
This life within.

This thumping of the heart
Driving me to You,
Away from sin.

To the light that shines
So brightly
Its luminosity withstands,
Urging me on.

Though I fight
I long for its command.



In Want

I don’t want treasure
I don’t want gold;
I want the peace of God
Fresh upon my soul.

Oh offer me your riches
I will turn them down.
Money cannot afford
The weight of Glory’s crown!

I don’t want a new car
Or the life of a celeb;
I want to mature in Christ
Let Him be manifest.

So offer me a pitied look
Or your sour grin;
I will not live in fear
Of chiding from men.

I don’t want a title
I don’t want a deed;
I have the keys to the kingdom
Living inside me.

Take me on a tour of mansions
Laden with your prestige;
I will look towards the heavenly home
That awaits me.

I don’t want sentiment
Or religion that binds;
I want the real life of Christ
To become mine.

Oh tell me I’m foolish
‘There’s no such God, you see’.
Keep up the fight if you want –
There’s your deity.




Faces for Prayer

I ain’t done prayin’
I ain’t done yet.
I still see the faces –
I cannot forget.

Do they know Jesus
And His gracious love?
Have they heard of Him
Who reigns o’er heaven above?

Have they heard the good news
Of life after death?
Do they know the way to peace
Is through the blood He spent?

Well I ain’t done prayin’
I ain’t done yet.
There’s a plenty left to pray
‘fore I call it quits!

What about the neighbors,
What about friends?
What about our relatives-
Oh, pray for your kin!

Cause He’s comin’ back y’all
Just wait round and see.
The hounds of hell can’t stop Him
He’s won the victory!

So I ain’t done prayin’
I ain’t done yet.
My heart’s still a beatin’
There’s breath in my chest.

The world’s just getting darker
Things seem right grim;
Our only hope is Jesus,
Headin’ straight towards Him.

So I ain’t done prayin’
Child I ain’t done yet.
Cause the faces in my memory
Won’t let me forget.


Moving Faith

Don’t go back
Move forward
Time does not delay;
Playing around, stuck in the past
Is like one foot’s
In the grave.

Don’t go back
Move forward
The goal is straight ahead
Draw nigh to Christ’s side
Touch the places where
He bled.

Don’t go back
Move forward
Beginning with the end in mind.
There is no need
To be afraid:
Take one step at a time.

Don’t go back
Move forward
It seems risky business, yes
But the whole of faith
Will guide, recreate
Christ’s life in all men.