Sunday, Nov 8, 2009

Where have the days gone? Can’t believe it’s November already, didn’t have time to soak in October, much less this… went to Blue Ridge this weekend and stayed with family. Was nice although the leaves are mostly like a burnt red/orange color; was probably really pretty a few weeks ago.

Soon will be the dreaded 4-0 for moi. I am ’bout over it though, having had it over my head all year. No, no big thing I tried to do; no big goal. That’s another story about where I am in live. Every once in a while, a vain ambition rears up its head only for me to fall on my face once again. So, no – will keep going, hoping to be grateful for my life and its myriad blessings, not looking too much further than the next day.

God, make me grateful for what I have and for what I have accomplished thus far in life! The best things have indeed, been those I didn’t run after so hard to get. Simple blessings of a husband, children, and family life here in the US.

Signing off for now…