Resting In His Molding

I couldn’t see an answer

Forgive me, Lord

But You brought it

Yep, I don’t know what I do!

Straight to my door;

But I know it’s a process:

I didn’t even pursue it

The product must be proved.

But it was what

So I’ll rejoice in this blessing

I was looking for.

Not forget right away

What You gave me

The feel of Your hand touching,

Once again

Molding this clay.

Is hope, indeed:

Thank You, Jesus,

The push to get up

For hearing me

Try again,

The cries I can’t express.

Fail or succeed.

Your patience is incomprehensible,

I was no longer looking,

Bids at last my soul to rest.

Was way past rebelliousness


Yet You, in your compassion,


Still chose to bless.


And it cuts really deep


To feel Your hand now


Suddenly come through –


Still love me somehow.


I fight You and belabor


Thinking I know what’s best


Oh the arrogance of man


To even try and contest!