Give It to Jesus

Jesus I need You
Though I don’t know how to pray;
Please hear me crying out
Comfort me this day.

Jesus I need You
I’m tired of trying to cope;
I don’t know what to do
Please give me hope!

Jesus I need You
I need some relief;
The pain is unbearable
It’s too much for me!

Jesus I need You
Beyond any doubt;
Only You can help me
You can work it out.

Jesus I need You
Heal me deep inside;
Come and be my Savior
I give You my life.

For you, O Lord, are my hope, my trust, O Lord, from my youth. Psalm 71:5 

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” John 14:6 


No Time for Horseplay

Pull me closer, Jesus
While the world closes in;
Protect me from the carnality
Destroying the souls of men.

Hold me tighter, Jesus
I need You more today;
The recklessness around
Brings great dismay.

Pull me tighter, Jesus
The reins are in Your hands;
I’m tethered to You forever
Not to the ways of man!

Hold me closer, Jesus
Your love gives me strength;
Your love surpasses knowledge,
Is infinite in its reach.

Pull me closer, Jesus
Wrap me in Your embrace;
Keep my feet from simple snares
As I seek Your face.

Hold me tighter, Jesus
There is no other way;
To be a victorious Christian
I must learn to stay.


Welcome, Spring!

Let us acknowledge the LORD; let us press on to acknowledge him. As surely as the sun rises, he will appear; he will come to us like the winter rains, like the spring rains that water the earth.”
Hosea 6:3

With the Advent of spring
We have reason to sing
More than anyone alive!

For we are made new
Each and every day through
By the precious blood of Christ!

With the Advent of spring
We bear witness to
The resurrection of Jesus.

For we are His heirs
His priceless disciples
Born to be His treatise.

With the Advent of spring
We are not to hide
But shine brighter than e’er before.

For we are His offspring
Adopted and forgiven
Let’s trumpet the song of the Lord!

With the Advent of spring
Time continues
The cold of winter is gone.

For the warmth of the Lord
Rises up and comes forth
Bids us sing like the heavenly throng!

With the Advent of spring
A new season begins
One which God will bless.

For if we seek Him
Prayerfully and meekly
He will draw near as we confess.

With the Advent of spring
Opportunity emerges
As with the tender leaves.

For the greenery around
Wakes us up, sobers us
To the world’s aching needs.

With the Advent of spring
We quietly await
A resurrection of Christians.

For the world needs love,
Caring and compassion:
Jesus, the Man for all Seasons.

(Debra R)

Only One Thing

Only one thing is needed –
To go to Him today.
At Jesus’ feet
Sin has no room to stay.

Only one thing is needed.
We have an array of choices.
Let’s use free will wisely
And turn from other voices!

Only one thing is needed.
Do you want to bear fruit?
A barren existence
Is not living proof!

Only one thing is needed
To live in victory –
Draw nigh to Jesus
Who came to set you free.

Only one thing is needed
That Jesus will bless today.
Come to Him in confession,
Let Him has His way.

Only one thing is needed
Regardless of what culture says.
He is our greatest hope,
He who was raised from the dead!

Only one thing is needed.
We should run to the mercy seat
Where Jesus waits with open arms
Offering perfect peace.

Only one thing is needed
Why wrestle, why run from Him?
Eventually He will be here
To put this life to end!

Only one thing is needed.
Oh, what Mary knew!
She relinquished everything –
Nothing less would do!

Only one thing is needed
Today and with every dawn
Time spent at Jesus’ feet,
Time with Him alone.

Only one thing is needed
No other book but His.
Jesus resides in His Word
To capture the hearts of men.

Only one thing is needed.
Oh don’t you see dear one?
The world offers many things:
Peace comes from Him alone.

Luke 10:38-41 (Mary and Martha)