O Christian, my Christian

They’re going to come
Knocking on our doors
Whether martyrs dying for a cause
Or those who have
No home at all.

Are we prepared?
Do we know what day it is?
It’s time to get ready
To fully commit.

The world is coming to us;
We must not wait.
We’ve lost the luxuries
Of time and space.

They’re coming
They’re knocking
What do we have to say?
Is there room in our hearts
Or only hate?

Aren’t we to love
Even our enemies?
Aren’t we to pray
On bended knees?

Yes, many are suffering
They’re flooding the gates
In need of
Shelter, food, and faith.

They’re coming to us
They’re knocking
Oh people of Yahweh
Hold up your shields
Bow and pray.