What I’m Up To

Reading and Pondering: Victory in Christ (Charles G. Turnbull)
Reading, slow though it goes: Have a New Kid by Friday (Leman)
Just finished studying(still reviewing): Foundational Truths of Scripture (Overton, Jr.)-led me to study Moses!
Just checked out of church library: 2 Deborah Bedford books (love the way she writes!)
Reading here and there: Mama Made the Difference (TD Jakes)
Listening to: Integrity’s iWorship 24:7 (A blessed purchase! I rarely buy cds – this has helped me to get back to a woshipful spirit!)

Taking care of hubby, kids, and dog while enjoying summer break.


Go Get Them

Recently inspired to write this after realizing that my son, who is for all practical purposes fourteen years old, is no longer the innocent boy I thought he was. While I’d much rather remain in denial, the latest incident awakened me to my duty as a Christian mother. To pray and to fight for him, to teach him and show him the right way to live…

Let’s take back our children –
It’s time to pray!
Not only on Sundays
But every waking day.

Let’s take back our children
For we’ve fed them to the wolves,
Even leading them into the forest,
(Providing the necessary tools).

Let’s take back our children
Not simply for their own sake;
But for the cause of Christ,
And our blessed faith.

Let’s take back our children
They’re drowning in moral disease –
While we’ve tended to ourselves, our wants
We’ve neglected their basic needs.

Let’s take back our children
Why they don’t need the latest gadgets!
But training in character, integrity, and behavior –
They need Truth (and we have it!)

Let’s take back our children
Don’t let them get away
With misbehavior, lying, cheating –
With what they do and say.

Let’s take back our children
Make use of the age old law
“You reap what you sow” –
Every action has a cause.

Let’s take back our children
Let reality teach them well;
We can’t save them every time they falter
(Enablers pave the bridge to hell!)

Let’s take back our children
As God wants us to do;
No more making excuses,
No more being aloof.

Let’s take back our children
For our passive stance betrays
The trust we’ve been given
By a God who doesn’t delay.