Cardinal Knowledge

Red birds, red birds
All around me
Gain my attention
Cause me to see.

You go before
And hem me in.
I am not a victim
Of what has been.

I am never alone
I am never without:
Because of Your mercy
I am safe and sound.

Why never have I known
Life so sweet
As when You come
And enlighten me!

O Spirit of the Living God
In You I am released,
Free to flutter about
Like the birds of spring.


Psalm 139


“The Undisputed King”

You can criticize or politicize
Whatever you wanna do.
It really doesn’t matter:
The truth is the truth.

One day you’ll stand before Jesus
Just as you are,
Whether sealed and protected
Or doomed from the start.

You know in your heart now:
Creation speaks to you.
There is a sovereign Lord.
Is this really a dispute?

He won’t wait forever
For you to change your mind.
Yes, He’s patient, even long-suffering
But will come in due time.

So don’t pretend it’s nothing
Only an intellectual argument.
We are finite creatures
But are offered eternal rest.

The peace that Jesus offers
Is solid, complete.
It stretches on forever,
Throughout eternity.

Deny Him if you’re able,
Continue in such faith.
He, however, is not deterred
From His mission to save.



Your Ticket to Ride

There is nothing to do now
But trust in the Lord.

On the cross Jesus took God’s wrath,
All mankind being restored.

The burdens that plague us,
The trials we would scorn

“Grow strangely dim”
In light of heaven’s door.

For Christ has risen
And taken the throne.

Soon He will return for us –
I pray you’ll come along.