This past weekend, on Palm Sunday, our Pastor spoke from 1 Corinthians 1:18-24. He preached the cross. While he spoke, we watched as Jesus’ crucifixion, his burial and resurrection, were drawn on a large black screen. What started out as something of an outline, turned into an “enlivened” depiction of Christ on the cross, as He took on the sins of the world, saving us from a life of damnation, a life of utter darkness.

Just as Sunday the empty black canvas was turned into a gracious illustration of God’s love, the darkest, bleakest part of our lives can be taken and turned into a wondrous reality, a great witness to those “who are perishing”.

It begins at the cross.

How would you draw the cross,

Christ crucified?

Would you draw the blood

Flowing down His sides?

Could you put a face

On such suffering?

Could you fill in the nails

On His hands, on His feet?

How would you draw the cross

Would you place it high, on top of Calvary,

Would you illuminate it

For the world to see?

Could you depict the darkness

That fell across the land

The day Jesus was given

For the souls of man?

How would you draw the cross

To show what it means –

The power to save,

To at once make clean?

Would your own tears fall

With each stroke made,

To realize forgiveness

As when first bade?

How would you draw the cross

With Christ looking up above

Or down on us as sinners,

Unworthy, unloved?

Would you give Him a title

Place it above His head

Label Him as The King of Kings,

Redeemer of the Dead?

How would you draw the cross –

With fingers dipped in paint

Or with your life poured out,

A garment of praise?

We draw the cross daily

With what we say and do:

How we live our lives

Can be to the world proof

That God gave up His Son,

That Jesus took our place.

’tis foolishness to the perishing –

The power of God to the saved!