Saw Swedish Fish and thought of you
My daughter, one and only.
That used to be your thing.

I want to be where you are right now
If only to be near you.
I want to take your problems away.

You, yes independent.
You, grown and own your own.
You. I miss you.

Would that the earth spin back
And have me see what you needed.
And have tools to help you.

Would that I have cuddled
Tickled you more
Though you said it didn’t cause you to laugh.

Would that I could fix this.
Yet I wait.
Knowing you – independent of me
Are going through this.

Would that you awake tomorrow
Healed, no longer struggling.
Your sweet spirit returned to you.

I love you,

Your mother.



from Aug 2017 that comes to me today

Let me enter into Your rest Lord
Where thoughts subside at last.
Where peace floods o’er
Like a tide to shore
That doesn’t ebb or wane.

Oh soul wait patiently
It’ll happen yet.
All in God’s own time.
His answer is “yes” to the prayers
In which His will and ours align.

For such longing there’s hope
For His mercy is never late
But appears just on the morn
For our refuge and friend comes rushing in
To calmly silence the storm.

Oh glorious rest may I enter soon
Become lost in the length of His arms
Once there look around
Quite glad to be found
“Safe and secure from all alarms”.