Imminent Domain

The trumpet is sounding As Heaven looks down
Get on board And pleads with those
He only waits so long; Who trade life
  For the mire of sin.
The Master is calling  
Be forewarned: Why the day is dawning,
Our lives are but a song. The time is near
  The Comforter readies
The night has fallen To dry tears.
Death is coming  
Look:  darkness surrounds. Yes, the time is coming
  And now has come –
The end is beginning Oh, don’t live your lives
He says, “That’s a wrap.” In fear!
Oh, where will you be found?  
  The end is imminent
Yes, graves are opening It doesn’t delay
While souls stir Please hear the Savior’s call:
The battle is on  
For the hearts of men Rise from the dead
  You foolish perishing:
  Be saved once and for all.

The Hope of America

The hope of America The hope of America
Is not in bureaucracies Is not in freedom of choices,
Or in the public sway – But in disciplining ourselves
It is not in turning opinion Against evil forces.
A certain way.
The hope of America
The hope of America Springs from within
Is not elected by men The hearts of souls
But was sent by God That seek after Him.
To redeem from sin.
The hope of America
The hope of America Is the same as of old –
Is not financial prosperity – It is Jesus inhabiting, breathing
The love of money Through souls.
Brings ruin, indeed!
The Hope of America
Is ours today –
So what are we doing?
Please, we must pray!

What are you?

Are you jaded in the ministry? Are you looking for more than
Does it mean much to you The restoration of souls of men?
When people are kingdom-affected Are you wanting something for yourself,
By the things you do? A “well-done” golden pin?


Are you over it already Are you tired of the race,
This salvation I bring, Want to get off the path?
My holiness, My secret imparting? Believe me, there is help
If you’ll but ask!
Are you wondering if there’s more,
If this is all there is? Are you counting on desperation
Have you lost touch To keep you at my feet?
With the hope I give? You must practice to remain
In the presence of Me.
Are you in denial of certain aspects of Me?
That I can calm and heal – Are you just plain worn out
Even in ministry? View yourself as ‘done’ –
Take heart, He’s coming
The Victory’s won!
What are you?

Teach Me

Teach me to walk unpretentiously Teach me to walk in grace
To live my life as if only You see; To seek You anew each day;
Teach me to walk with no assumptions Teach me to stay in step with You, Jesus
To travel the road with open hands…. To move at Your whim…
Teach me to walk authentically Teach me to walk in Truth
That You alone I’d live to please; To do what it is “I should do”;
Teach me to walk with more regard Teach me Your ways, Jesus
To what You think…. That I wouldn’t be slave to my fears…
Teach me to walk as if there’s only today Teach me to walk as led by You
To live for what’s before me, not for what may; Not as the world tells me to do;
Teach me to live untethered to the world Teach me to be Your servant alone, Jesus
To live freely at Your beckon… I want to live for you…
  Teach me.


Just Because

Just because you think it

Doesn’t mean it’s true;

Check it with the Word of God

Before you follow through.

Just because you think it

Doesn’t make it so;

Check it with the Word of God

Then you will know.

Just because you think it

Doesn’t make it right;

Get a new perspective,

Tinker with your sight.

Just because you think it

Doesn’t mean it’s real;

We can be quick to judge

How others feel.

Just because you think it

Doesn’t mean anything;

Who knows what synapses have crossed –

Maybe it’s your wiring? 😉

Just because you think it

Doesn’t mean it’s proven;

Do your homework

Before making conclusions.

Just because you think it

Doesn’t mean you’re bad;

Oh, just give your thoughts to Jesus –

Your heart will be glad.

The What’s of Where I Am

What I’m reading:  Crazy Love by Francis Chan (a gift from a friend back during the spring)

What I’m praying for:  God’s dominion in our lives, the new work/school year coming up

What themes haunt me: thoughts, freedom, being who you are in Christ without pretense, coming home, restoration, attributes of God

What I’m thankful for: forgiveness, grace, husband, children, church family; a new day

Nothing Left to Lose?

Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.

2 Corinthians 3:17

Freedom doesn’t exist in a vacuum, a hollow airless space. Freedom exists in the presence of the Lord. Freedom exists in His Spirit, living, abiding there in harmony with creation.

Freedom has a price. The blood and battles our forefathers fought are no different than what we face presently. As always, the war is between good and evil. And it is when we return to ‘good’ in the sense of righteousness, as opposed to ‘good’ in the sense of nice or whatever is socially acceptable, that we make our stance against evil. Yet if we persist in the current cultural stance, where ‘good’ is neighborly or nice and love has no moral component, we are only aiding and abetting the enemy. We only give evil ammunition to pull us further away from Jesus and the freedom He died to give us. We, in essence, await destruction.

Not destruction at our own hands, but destruction through our own hearts.

Please pray for our country. Not simply to return to a right morality or to recover financially. If we fail to address the underlying issue, as done repeatedly over the last years, even in the wake of 2001, we are only postponing the inevitable – the loss of freedom, the attraction and wonder that is America.