For Joy

The goal is to live in the Spirit
Taking one step at a time;
While planning seems efficient
It may well undermine
The impromptus of the Spirit,
And its subtle call to be
A healing vessel of love and grace
To all humanity.

So don’t fret about tomorrow
What will or may not be;
Why grab hold of sorrows
When we’re pledged eternity?
Life has a way of getting done
You can’t perfect its path;
God has ordained its working out
He holds the sacred map.

So don’t hold on to schedules
That lead you away from Him;
To be a “better Christian”
Is to abandon the fear of men.
Disappointments are a surety
Rejections happen too;
God’s will is always for us
To live and move in truth.

for in Him we live, and move, and have our being; Acts 17:28