“Our Love’s in Jeopardy”

‘Hope is a dangerous thing’ Red says.
I know this.
So comfortable we become in our situation,
Though it’s not a good place to be, it still is what you know.
What you don’t know, what you can’t see
You fear.
What’s inside the safety of these walls –
Where sure demons strike at you
Coming at night or in the darkness of isolation – it’s not new to you.
Hope, that grand thing,
Has plunged men into debt, into marriages, into jobs
That earn dollars for an existence that doesn’t satisfy. 
Why hope, lots have been written about you,
Sung from your springs
But your voice falls flat
As it falls from the rooftop
Where you gave an awesome view of our transcendence.
There’s no mercy
Once you start with hope.
Now faith, it comes by hearing.
It enters, implanting itself
Taking root in an otherwise doomed situation.
Faith sprouts, birthing spores of true hope
Cause honey, hope ain’t nothing by itself.


So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ. Romans 10:17
Where then is my hope? and as for my hope who shall see it? Job 17:15


Steal Back the Stage

Are you “knee deep in the hoopla”
Doing what you do
Going about your business
But never bearing fruit

Busyness steals our hearts
When we leave no wiggle room
Going from one thing to another
Without a pause or two

Our hearts are prone to straying
To focus on worldliness
When all the while God is saying
“Come to Me and rest.”

How are we supposed to make it
What is one to do
When there’s a deadline looming
And bills to sort through

Do we drop everything
Say no I can’t today
Or is there something else,
A much better way

Funny but it’s not easy
To simplify
But over time you can change
The way you live your life.

In prayer and with perseverance
Work to reposition things
For making practical changes
Can lead to heavenly gains.


Rush, You Fool

You call me in the dead of night
Woo without a sound
Provoking the cry of my heart,
For its aching to be found.

Why do I wait when such unburdening
Would only serve me well,
When anxiety would cease within
As I’m lost in mercy’s spell?

Oh Lord forgive this stubborn heart
That thwarts time and again
Betraying when You’re its help,
Indeed its closest friend.

Oh sweet Jesus, crown of heaven
In You is where life lives
It breathes and thrives in us in kind
Full of love to give.

Oh sweet Jesus, my soul’s respite
Oh hear my heart’s reply
It’s thankful now, consumed with how
You’ve not left it to die.

So call me in the dead of night
Call me night or day
I will rush into Your arms
Thankful there to stay.

– DRadaker