Without Excuse

Are we praying yet
Have we gotten a clue
To what is happening here?

Or are we hedging our bets
That it’ll end soon
As if awakening from a nightmare?

What will it take
For us to get real
And quit trusting in ourselves

That we have the knowledge
The science and technology
To keep us in good health?

When every day
We wake to a world
That is out of our control

When a wreck here
Or a tumor there
Could mean the end of the road.

It’s time already that we turn & pray,
To a God whose Son defeated death
Arising from the grave.

His will is all that matters
So it’s best to get on board
And use this time now to embrace
The Sovereign, Holy Lord.

Sure we don’t know what He’s doing
We don’t know what will be
But trusting in His truth & goodness
We have eternity.

So let go of excuses
Rationalizing things away
When Jesus, the Forgiving One
Calls us now to turn and pray.