Get in the Wheelbarrow

Get in the wheelbarrow
Before it’s too late
The night is coming on.

Get in the wheelbarrow
To heaven’s gate
Oh please don’t wait too long.

Cause the end is near
The time is at hand
Judgment awaits us all.

Do you fear that day
Do you know where you’ll be
When last the trumpet calls?

Get in the wheelbarrow
Trust Jesus today
Let Him take you across.

Get in the wheelbarrow
Let Jesus take you
Oh He seeks to save the lost!

Don’t listen to voices
That rationalize
That say you’re fine on your own.

Don’t look to the world
And its crazy ways
Look to God’s saving throne.

Get in the wheelbarrow
It’s leaving soon
There is no time for bargaining.

Get in the wheelbarrow
Get saved today
Make Jesus Christ your King!

(Tony Nolan was at my church, Fortified Hills, yesterday…
more on his story and message at TNT ministries)


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