Let me enter into Your rest Lord
Where thoughts subside at last.
Where peace floods o’er
Like a tide to shore
That doesn’t ebb or wane.

Oh soul wait patiently
It’ll happen yet.
All in God’s own time.
His answer is “yes” to the prayers
In which His will and ours align.

For such longing there’s hope
For His mercy is never late
But appears just on the morn
For our refuge and friend comes rushing in
To calmly silence the storm.

Oh glorious rest may I enter soon
Become lost in the length of His arms
Once there look around
Quite glad to be found
“Safe and secure from all alarms”.

(Showalter and Hoffman)


Telling It

“Go tell it on the mountain”
And on the streets today
Our Lord is alive
He has conquered the grave!

Go tell it to everyone
“God has made a way.
Turn and receive Jesus
Be reconciled today.”

Go tell it in the schoolyard
Where children go without
When ours is the greatest news
That one has to tout.

Go tell it in the workplace
Why do we tread in fear?
Ours is the best news
One could ever hear.

Go tell it on the ball field
While others shout in vain
We can speak the words of peace
That Jesus came to save.

Go tell it in the churches
Where assumption overrides
The thought that one so close
Is being passed by.

Go tell it in the hospitals
Where sickness seems to reign
Help someone see the truth
The news of eternal gain.

Go tell it in the homes
Of beset families
Where hope seems lost
In the face of plenty.

Go tell it in government places
Where good people hide away
When they’ve been given voices
But have become political slaves.

Go tell it over yonder
Across the oceans vast
In every country, in every language
Let’s not deny our task.


Matthew 28:16-20
Mark 16:15-16

“Go Tell it on the Mountain”, song by John Wesley Work, Jr.