Steal Back the Stage

Are you “knee deep in the hoopla”
Doing what you do
Going about your business
But never bearing fruit

Busyness steals our hearts
When we leave no wiggle room
Going from one thing to another
Without a pause or two

Our hearts are prone to straying
To focus on worldliness
When all the while God is saying
“Come to Me and rest.”

How are we supposed to make it
What is one to do
When there’s a deadline looming
And bills to sort through

Do we drop everything
Say no I can’t today
Or is there something else,
A much better way

Funny but it’s not easy
To simplify
But over time you can change
The way you live your life.

In prayer and with perseverance
Work to reposition things
For making practical changes
Can lead to heavenly gains.