Rush, You Fool

You call me in the dead of night
Woo without a sound
Provoking the cry of my heart,
For its aching to be found.

Why do I wait when such unburdening
Would only serve me well,
When anxiety would cease within
As I’m lost in mercy’s spell?

Oh Lord forgive this stubborn heart
That thwarts time and again
Betraying when You’re its help,
Indeed its closest friend.

Oh sweet Jesus, crown of heaven
In You is where life lives
It breathes and thrives in us in kind
Full of love to give.

Oh sweet Jesus, my soul’s respite
Oh hear my heart’s reply
It’s thankful now, consumed with how
You’ve not left it to die.

So call me in the dead of night
Call me night or day
I will rush into Your arms
Thankful there to stay.

– DRadaker


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