In Want

I don’t want treasure
I don’t want gold;
I want the peace of God
Fresh upon my soul.

Oh offer me your riches
I will turn them down.
Money cannot afford
The weight of Glory’s crown!

I don’t want a new car
Or the life of a celeb;
I want to mature in Christ
Let Him be manifest.

So offer me a pitied look
Or your sour grin;
I will not live in fear
Of chiding from men.

I don’t want a title
I don’t want a deed;
I have the keys to the kingdom
Living inside me.

Take me on a tour of mansions
Laden with your prestige;
I will look towards the heavenly home
That awaits me.

I don’t want sentiment
Or religion that binds;
I want the real life of Christ
To become mine.

Oh tell me I’m foolish
‘There’s no such God, you see’.
Keep up the fight if you want –
There’s your deity.