What is Repentance?

Is this repentance
Changing your mind
Getting up and turning around,
Leaving what’s behind?

Is this repentance
Daring to try again
Walking away from what normally
Would’ve led to sin?

Is this repentance
Grieving this way
Determining in your will
To leave sin, not stay?

Is this repentance
Crying as you go
Letting it fall away,
Not caring who knows?

Is this repentance
Forsaking myself
Giving my life to Jesus,
Forgetting all else?

Is this repentance
Do I even know?
How deep the measure
Of grace bestowed?

Is this repentance
Writing out my tears
Expressing myself now,
Allaying my fears?

Is this repentance
Doing what I once denied
Taking hold of a mission,
Not throwing it aside?

Is this repentance
Still fearful of what it may mean
But doing it anyway –
At the Spirit’s lead?

This is repentance
This turning around
In trusting Jesus again
Repentance is found.


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