Not Giving Up

Don’t be so quick to burn bridges
You never know what God has in store.
When you feel ‘washed up’,
When your life seems its weakest
Maybe then you trust God more.

Don’t be so quick to let go
Of what He started.
Although efforts appear in vain
God continues to honor faithfulness
But rewards aren’t always plain.

Don’t be so quick to give up
Are you viewing life through one lens?
There are other views,
Other factors involved –
Do you know all of them?

Don’t be so quick to walk away
To let yourself be jaded,
But setting your face as flint
Get up again,
Refuse to be placated.

Don’t be so foolish as to say
That things will never change.
Go check outside this morn!
A new bird sings, a fresh song lifting
The air has lost its scorn.

Don’t be so childish in your ways
You’re to give that over to Him
He wants you to grow up,
To do the tough things –
Not live for pleasing men.

Don’t be so anxious in thought
Why your thoughts drive your feelings.
Get a hold of God’s Word,
Learn it over and again –
Let Jesus to do the healing.


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