What Is Enough? (5/10)

Lord give me enough for the day

Don’t give me anything more

I can only handle so much –

All else may be ignored.

Lord give me protection

Keep me anchored to truth

With that trusty steering wheel

Keep turning me back to you.

Lord give me little tastes

Of what You’re all about;

Feed my faith in increments,

Eradicate my doubts.

Lord give me favor

When it comes to those around

Let them be friends not foes

Who always help me out.

Lord give me what I need

To be faithful and true;

Give me ‘blessed assurance’

Of what I am to do.

Lord give me wisdom

To keep myself from falling;

Lord I need it now

To live out my calling.

Lord give me understanding

Give me reverence and fear;

Help me remember who You are:

The Most High, The Revered.

Lord give me light for the darkness

That certainly will come;

Show yourself the Brilliant Redeemer

Radiating love.

Lord give me grace for each moment

Grace to follow through

To do what You ask of me

Without the least excuse.

Lord give me salvation

In all of its finishing work

Let it continue on in me

Until my time is up.


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