Take My Hand (5/17)

Take my hand
Hold on now
Here we go again.

Thursday has come
Still much to do
We’re not quite to the end.

Take My hand
It is strong
It can pull you up.

Please don’t leave the day
“To chance” –
There’s no such thing as luck.

Take My hand
I have a firm grip
I will not let you go.

I will lead you
Through the hours
Whether fast or slow.

Take my hand
I offer it freely
I’m the burden-bearer.

I will keep
Your feet planted
On the straight and narrow.

Take my hand
Don’t go alone
As you’re so apt to do.

Take some time
Meet with Me
Have integrity, follow through.

May integrity and uprightness protect me, because my hope, LORD, is in you. Psalm 25:21


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