Persevere With Me (5/7)

Persevere with me JesusI’m but a feeble thing

I want to be faithful

Yet I work for earthly gain.

Persevere with me Jesus

Finish what You started in me

Don’t give up on your child

Who just wants to be free.

Persevere with me Jesus

See me through this day

It’s only the beginning

But my heart is giving way.

Persevere with me Jesus

Push me to do more

To do the hard stuff with You

Teach me, I implore!

Persevere with me Jesus

I want more than this

This life of getting up and working –

I want joyfulness!


Persevere with me JesusYou who are always the same

Teach me to trust You

To follow You in all things.

Persevere with me Jesus

I won’t give up in prayer

You’re the one who found me restless

You are the One Who Cares.

Persevere with me Jesus

Through the thick and thin of life

I want more than the average person

I ask for joy – rife!

Persevere with me Jesus

You, the Faithful One,

Finish what You started –

Don’t stop until we’re done.

Persevere with me Jesus

Teach me faithfulness

To call on You each minute

Expecting heaven’s kiss.



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