Come Unto Me (5/15)

Come unto Me

You heavy-laden

I will give you rest.

Come unto Me

Don’t hesitate

Don’t I know what’s best?

Come unto Me

In the morning

When there’s no one else.

Come unto Me

I am gentle

I will only help.

Come unto Me

And lay it down

Before it has begun.

Come unto Me

It’s no problem

For the Father’s Only Son.

Come unto Me

Don’t labor –

This is my job to do.

Come unto Me

Before anxiety

Begins to creep up on you.

Come unto Me

Don’t belabor

Don’t start with excuse.

Come unto Me

Let me show you

I bear the burden of proof.

Come unto Me

Just do it

Don’t analyze my commands.

Come unto Me

I’ll illuminate the clouds

Show you the why’s of man.

Come unto Me

Don’t be long –

Tarrying is not trusting.

Come unto Me

Trust me now

I will only help you.

Matthew 11: 28-29


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