With – Or Without Me?

Let out a deep breath‘Cause May is here

Now wasn’t that fast?

Wasn’t it dear?

What did you do

With the time you had?

Did you focus on Me

Through the good and the bad?

Whatever your response

Just know today

Another chance welcomes you

Into the fray.

How will you make it?

Will you go without Me?

Why take this route –

It’s foolish you see.


‘Cause I hold the worldIn the palm of My hand

I am the Maker of Life,

Of mortal man.

Why dismiss Me so easily?

Why write Me off?

I proved my love once for all

With the cross.

Oh how I’d gather you

Under my wings

Keep you safe, protected

Through the toughest of things!

Oh I prove long-suffering

Gracious and compassionate

To those who heed my Word,

Who follow after it.

Would you have Me help you?

Would you hide beneath my wings?

Come, the end approaches

Let’s finish this thing!



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