Marching On (From Lunch Lady Land)

March on my soul take heart

What blessings await

The ones who are strong –

What joy He does impart!


March on my soul Friday is here again

Remember that day

The day Jesus gave His life

So that we may have a new start.


March on my soul oh restless one

The King hears your every cry

Knows what is hurting you

Knows what’s come undone.


March on my soul be brave

The King is on your side

The One who lives to free

Will again your spirit ignite.


March on my soul

Though it’s back to work,

Back to the grind of life


Let go of what’s done –

God holds your soul aright.

The river Kishon swept them away, the age-old river, the river Kishon. March on, my soul; be strong!

Judges 5:21

Love you in Christ,




Anticipate Today (Here in Lunch Lady Land)

Anticipate todayWhat the day may bring

Not necessarily relaxation

But the small, little things.

Anticipate today

With a grateful heart begin

Fix your thoughts on Jesus,

Who died and rose again.

Anticipate today

Don’t speak negatively

The tongue brings life or death

Which one will it be?

Anticipate today

Smile when you walk by

You never know who needs to see

Another’s hopeful eyes.

Anticipate today

We are not meant to withdraw

God wants us to live freely –

Hiding out’s not the call.


Anticipate todayLife is such brevity

It won’t be long before that child

Will be out of reach.

Anticipate today

Don’t worry for earthly stuff

God has it all under control

His grace is enough.

Anticipate today

Don’t stop believing

There’s a time and a place for everything

Faith is what is needed.

Anticipate today

Go back to the beginning

Trust Him now as you did then –

Count only lives worth winning.


Finishing First-Rate (Here in Lunch Lady Land)

Finish well

Finish strong

Even as you hear

Summer’s song.

Don’t think of quitting

Don’t think of giving in

You won’t pass

This way again.

Finish well

Finish strong

Pick up your step

Carry on.

There is still

Work to do

Challenges to meet,

Tasks to get through.

Finish well

Finish strong

Remember the goal

And press on.

Don’t wish these days away

Don’t simply “get by”

Fix your thoughts on things that matter,

Complacency deny.

Finish well

Finish strong

The end is near

It won’t be long.

I know you’re tired,

Looking for a break

But don’t settle for less,

The kingdom is first-rate.