Why Integrity?

Walk with integrity
Hold your head up for the world to see:
Didn’t He die so that you might
Live out your beliefs?
Walk with integrity
Don’t doubt what’s inside
But stay close in heart to Him,
Confident He will provide.
Walk with integrity
No matter the job you do
It isn’t a matter of who does what –
But what He does through you.
Walk with integrity
See beyond skin and bones –
Aren’t we in the business
Of leading hearts Home?
Walk with integrity
It is not prideful, that –
Just walk in the gifts He’s given,
Follow this solitary map.
Walk with integrity
Not quaking in fear of man
But holding out every gift
God has given in your hand.
Walk with integrity
Because there are souls in dire need
People desperate for the Savior,
The One Who Has Freed.


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