Careful, Girls

Recently became aware of a situation that smells like not disaster written all over it but destruction. I don’t know what I may be asked to do, whether to speak to someone concerning what’s going on or to remain silent and pray. It just seems as if this is a downhill spiral for them and the wheels have already been set in motion and turned toward destruction. But don’t discount God! No never, ever give up!

Also, as women and young ladies (some of us anyway), we need to be aware of what we put out in cyberspace – because in a lot of instances, once it’s out there, it’s out there – unretrievable. I’m sure I’ve said some untoward things in emails, blog posts, etc. So I’m certainly speaking to myself as well.

It seems like we are speaking in isolation sometimes, but we’re not. The walls of the web are just that, web-like. They have holes through which the smaller things get out, are filtered  as waste.

As Christian women we need to be aware of our influence on younger ladies and that men are “listening”. To talk face-to-face in the company of others is one thing, to talk one-on-one in cyberspace, esp to the opposite sex, is another.

That’s my take anyway….



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