The Question

Can I wrap you up, Jesus

Present you Christmas morn

To those who don’t know you

As Savior and Lord?

Can I wrap you up Jesus

Place you under the trees

In homes across the country

That are in need?

Can I wrap you up Jesus

For the naughty and the nice

To be awakened by 

The Living Sacrifice?

Can I wrap you up Jesus

Hold you in my hand

To extend generously

God’s redemptive plan?

Can I wrap you up Jesus

Once tucked and inside

A light to be spilled out

Opened, undenied?

Can I wrap you up Jesus

Ten thousand times over

Send you out in packages

To be discovered?

Can I wrap you up Jesus

Place on you a pretty bow

Leave you on the doorstep

Of the orphan, the widow?

Can I wrap you up Jesus,

O Gift of Eternity?

Can I give you away

As with other gifts

I am free?

Can I wrap you up Jesus,

The most priceless gift,

I’ve freely received,

Freely been giv’n?

This Christmas can I present you

With love and with ease

On the way, as I’m going,

To the place

You lead?…


Update Monday, Dec 7th

Still doing Having a Mary Heart study with coworkers; praying more will show at tomorrow’s meeting. Discussing Chp 6: Kitchen Service. Although I read this book a couple of years ago, I needed this. It is rich and sometimes it seems that yes, this is simple – but it’s stuff that I’ve neglected or not paid attention to, or given thought to.

Christmas shopping is underway for the Radakers. We are blessed beyond measure, without tangible gifts – we each have been saved, have received the present of Jesus as the Savior and Redeemer of our lives, our hearts, our souls, our beings! No greater gift could be offered – or received!