We Will Worship (To Fortifiers; 10/4/09)

I was reminded this afternoon of a song that the choir once performed as part of the program “We Will Worship”. Finding the practice cd that we’d used, I put it in my player in the kitchen, to listen while doing laundry and cooking. (Yes, women are the master multi-taskers!)

I remembered most of the songs. As I listened to certain ones, they still evoked an emotion from me that I can’t define or label; they stirred up a deep response from me to the God who loves me more than I can imagine.

This is what worship does: it brings us to stand before God and acknowledge His greatness, His goodness, His lovingkindness and mercy, relieving us of ourselves in the process. Worship transforms our hearts, minds, and souls to be more than we thought possible in character, in love, in showing mercy. Worship makes us more like Christ. For Christ looked to The Father, did as His Father asked.

We are asked to worship Him, as fall comes in, making the air lightweight and breezy. As nature winds down, preparing for winter, it doesn’t fail to glorify God, but brings a new beauty and color to the world, beckoning our eyes to take in His greatness. For the Lord measured out the universe; He didn’t simply throw it together. He knows its heights and depths.

My Creator King made it clear what we are designed for, what purpose we serve.

At this moment, I do appreciate that we’ve been given a choice in the matter of who we will worship. I feel loved that God would desire to know me, to help me grow and mature. That He would show me more and more of Himself, bringing me to a place of worship. And if knowing Him as little as I do evokes such response, it seems right that when He appears, when I see Him face to face, I will be filled to the utmost with worship. I will worship in total spirit, in total truth. There will be no separation.

This brings me to another thought: worship brings us closer to God, sets us in harmony with the Spirit, and leads us to obey. How can you worship without obeying God? This helps me now, to realize that the obedience that I long for from myself will come about as I seek Him, remain in worship, and live my life to please The Father, as did Jesus Christ.

Yes, Lord, we will worship. It’s only a matter of when. Thank You for responding to my choice.


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