Onward In The Fray

June 5, 2009

Look at it this way, the guilt you feel will never be enough to cover your sins. Your Savior was willing to be turned over to human hands, to be flogged, to be humiliated before even making His way up the hill finally to be crucified. I mean, if He was willing to do this for you, certainly your minor failings are not bigger than this act of love. Certainly your failures cannot compete with His love; He wins, hands down.

So let’s grow up together, admit our failures. Admit our mistakes in confession to Christ and move on. After all, it’s all a game aimed at getting you off task, at getting you so self-absorbed that you’re no longer a viable player. Don’t you get it by now that your shortcomings are irrelevant? Once Christ died on the cross, was buried and resurrected – we were all made equal.

There is not one, not one who is worthy for the fight on his own accord. Not one Christian soldier has ever received his post on merit alone. The Christian soldier gets his calling based on God’s design for him, regardless of his background, his education, his upbringing, etc. The Christian soldier has only to be trained and prepared, ready to move in God’s timing, on God’s watch.

Are you still in boot camp, learning the ropes, fighting against the one in charge? Are you still there, saying, “I’ll make it this time. I can do it. The sarge will be impressed on this next turn and I’ll be out of here, off to the real show!” Or are you hanging on the rope, asking Jesus to help you get over the climbing wall, having faith that the One who called you will see you through? So often human effort ends up a stumbling block to getting to the big game.

Maybe you’re already out there in the field, but recently got shot down and are hiding in the bunker. Well, you’re not alone! God sees you there in your predicament. He sees what happens next, when the fire dies and you’re able to get up again. He never forsakes the righteous, so don’t give way to doubts. You may feel as if you’re alone, but dig deep into your faith bucket, remembering all that He’s done before to get you here. He didn’t bring you this far to leave you!

God has a plan for you! But you can’t get to training if you’re caught up in a web of lies about who you are. And you can’t get through boot camp if you’re still fighting against who you are… just remember, once you’re out there, a solid stoic soldier preparing the way for Jesus – you’re still His, you’re still fallible. The only way to stay clear of the bunker is to stay close to Him.


Debra Radaker