About That Post

Something I wrote on the first day (first post) of this blog has come back to haunt… about a church being as good as its people.

(Made me realize that yes, I do need to take classes (seminary or theology). I mean, it reiterated the point for me. And this is what I plan to do but have to wait on our financial situation to change – we’re counting on this happening by next year. If God wants me to go sooner, the money’s got to show up. I mean, we do not believe that God would have us go into debt for this. There is plenty to learn in the meantime. (And yes, I’ve prayed about this whole issue.))

Oh, back to my lead off statement. There is some truth in that statement. However, God is God and who knows what could happen in a church? But when people are “living right” (living best they know to do, in confession before God), this is supposed to put them in better position for the Holy Spirit to work….

I’m not going to go find scripture to support this at the moment. Well, maybe in a few before bed.

Well, no worries. I just want to blog responsibly!



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