No Escaping Higher Ground

  I want to escape

From this flesh to flee

Though my spirit is willing

My flesh still pursues me.

  I want to escape

Have it all stripped away

Save the true me,

The spirit Christ saved.

   I want to escape

No more to fight sin.

But to be pure

Simply “as is”.

   I want to escape

Leave this part of the journey

Take a detour, where there’s no pain, no hurting.

   I want to escape

To quit already

Yet I know, I know Lord

You have a plan for me.


   I want to escape –

There are such crosses to bear!

I am not You, Jesus!

Do You even care?

   I want to escape

Though certainly I know the truth:

You loved me enough to die

(Yes, You care. The cross, ample proof!)

   I want to escape

Yet You call me to life.

Oh, it wasn’t for naught

That Jesus, You died.

   I want to escape

Yet I’ll remain and walk on through

For I’m never alone, Jesus

 Because of the Cross


Dear Jesus, I have you.



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