Give Only Jesus

     Do you know of anyone who’s lost a job? I do. I know probably four families that have been hit with job loss. Close to home, yes.

     But how do we help these people when we’re trying to hold on to what we have, scared of facing the same crisis?

     Certainly the Bible says to be givers – not to hold onto things of this life. Our reward is in heaven, not here. However, we must use common sense and be prepared without hoarding what God would have us give. 

     Comes back to another spiritual law of life: you reap what you sow. Led to help someone but scared of losing yourself? Just remember that God calls us to lose ourselves because we’re taken care of in Christ Jesus. And that we’re to be obedient, and give up everything so that His glory will be revealed to all around.

Lord we’re on our faces

  We’re crying out to you.

We’re losing jobs and wages

  Worried over shelter, food.

Lord we certainly don’t deserve it

  Don’t deserve your help at all

Why would you help us now

  When we’ve taken so long to call?

We can claim that we’re human

  We make all kinds of mistakes.

But that doesn’t answer the question

  Why did we wait and wait and wait? 

Lord we’re arrogant, prideful people

  Consumed with self no doubt

(We’ve even gotten extravagant

  In what we call shelter, consider a house!)

Lord we just don’t get it

  Until life is bearing down

That we’re the created beings –

  Not the toast of the town.

Please forgive our arrogant ways

  And our considerable lack of faith.

Please help us through this crisis

  Help us to be humble, to seek you.

For we have no other Savior

  Only Jesus, only Jesus will do.


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